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Monthly News Round Up – October 2017


If you have information or events relevant to the Central neighbourhood that you would like to share, please send your request and information to contact@centralneighbourhood.ca – Thank you.

Neighbourhood Action Strategy (NAS)
The remaining 3 Community Conversations Events locations and times have now been confirmed;

Wednesday, October 18, 6-9PM – St Helens School, 785 Britannia Ave.
Monday, October 23, 6-9PM – Pine Grove Place, 30 Congress Cres.
Saturday, November 11, 10.30 am to 1.30 pm – N2N Centre, 28 Athens St.

To learn more about the event and the requirements for project ideas, please visit their website by clicking here. 

Bay St Bike Lanes
The bike lanes running the length of Bay St are due to be installed on Friday, October 27th

Family Friendly Housing in Ward 2
A letter from the CNA was sent to the Mayor and Councillor Farr in support of the Beasley Neighbourhinitiativeitve as follows;

Central Neighbourhood Association is in support of our friends in the Beasley Neighbourhood Association and their request for the city to conduct a feasibility study to develop a family friendly housing policy for Ward 2 and the City of Hamilton. It is our position that that there is a need to preserve the dynamic neighbourhoods in Ward 2 which include people of all income levels and family sizes. We believe such a housing policy is necessary to ensure that the ongoing development of our neighbourhoods include affordable rental housing for larger family-sized units.

West Harbour Conversation
The next West Harbour Community Conversation will be held on Thursday, October 26 at 7:00 pm at the Evergreen Community Storefront (294 James St N).

The agenda includes an update from Public Works Landscape Architecture staff about the redesign and rebuild of Central Park. 

New Sponsor
We are pleased to welcome The Hamilton Store as a new CNA sponsor. Check out the store at 165 James St. North, visit their website by clicking here and go on over and Like their Facebook page here

New Vision United Church – The Music Hall
The official call to action is kicking off with an open house, live music and a community call to action. Full details on their website – click here

CNA Board & General Meetings

The next Association Board Meeting will be in November.

We are currently in the process of reimagining how CNA will operate have embarked on a process to visit Mission, Vision, Values as well as reviewing our terms of reference, board roles, responsibilities and terms and then looking to establish our goals and priorities going forward. We will be seeking neighbour input during this and will keep you posted.

Central Neighbourhood Association

This months newsletter has been brought to you through the kind sponsorship of The Gallery on the Bay, Publicity Works, Gate of India, The Hamilton Store and PC Unlimited.  Check out their ads on our website http://centralneighbourhood.ca/

The next artist showing at the Gallery on Bay runs October 20th to November 12th and will be ‘A Sense of Place’ new prints from Robert Creighton. The opening night is on Friday, October 27th, 7-10 pm. Details can be found on the Gallery on the Bay Facebook page or their website 

If you would like to be a sponsor of CNA please click here

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Monthly News Round Up – May 2017

MAY 2017 

We do not want to add unnecessarily to your inboxes, but as you know, there is a lot more going on in our neighbourhood and several of you have asked for more regular information and updates outside of our 2-3 meetings a year. This newsletter is intended to do just that. If you have information or events relevant to the Central neighbourhood you would like to share, please send your request and information to contact@centralneighbourhood.ca – Thank you.

ASSOCIATION MEETING – Monday, June 19th 7 pm – The Gallery on Bay

Our next all neighbours meeting will be held on Monday, June 19th at 7 pm at The Gallery on Bay, 231 Bay St. North. We have extended an invitation to Councillor Farr and will also be updating neighbours on recent developments and future community events. Please try to attend and bring a friend and neighbour!

If you had this notice forwarded to you, sign up for all future updates by clicking here.

100 IN 1 DAY – COME TAKE A SELFIE WITH PRIME MINISTER JUSTIN TRUDEAU – Saturday, June 3rd 10 am to 12 noon. 

He has been banned from every Canadian embassy, but we have our very own Justin cutout. As part of the 100 in 1 Day events on Saturday, June 3rd, Central Neighbourhood Association invites you to come and take a selfie taken with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau from 10 am to 12 noon.  We will be located on James St North near Acclamation Bar & Mulberry Cafe or across the street from there depending on space available.

Details of all 100 in 1 Day events – click here


Thank you to everyone who came out to the recent Central Park clean up. Other Earth Day clean-ups locally helped our work, we still ended up with 9 bags of garbage and 5 bags of recycling. Enjoy a cleaner park.

The festival of Maria Del Monte is in its 29th year. This year’s festival is being celebrated the weekend of June 23, 24, and 25. The central location is Our Lady of All Souls and St. Mary’s School parking lots. This is located on the corner of
MacNab and Colbourne Street. This festival has significant history in Hamilton and the first celebration occurred in Hamilton circa 1930’s.More details at their website – please click here

The Association Board attended several meetings and made representations to council including letters to all members of the council in support of LRT. Thank you to everyone for their support. A copy of the letter to the Mayor can be seen on our website. 

Hess Street School, at the corner of Hess Street North and Cannon Street West. – Gary Yokoyama,The Hamilton Spectator

The Association Board attended several meetings and made representations to council and the school board and trustees. Thank you to everyone for their support.

Wishing you all a safe and happy Victoria Day weekend. Look forward to seeing you at one of the events!

Central Neighbourhood Association

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LRT Letters to Council

The Association Board attended several meetings and made representations to council including letters to all members of the council in support of LRT. Thank you to everyone for their support.

See a copy of the letter by clicking here.

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Central Neighbourhood – End of Year Update

Central Neighbourhood Association – End of Year Round-Up

Hello neighbours and friends

We are certainly continuing to see lots of change in our neighbourhood and in Hamilton in general. Your board has endeavored to keep up to date with developments and to consider best responses and approaches based on feedback from you and what we feel are in the best interests of Central Neighbourhood and the wider city.

These changes will continue and undoubtedly increase as the more and new families move into the area. As a board, we would like to see a greater focus in certain areas and are considering establishing a number of sub-committees around key areas of concern to Central.

Sub-committees being considered are;

  • Culture & Heritage
  • New developments
  • Transportation & Pedestrians

This can only happen if we have more volunteers getting involved, on both the board and in specific initiatives. If these subjects, others or general board involvement are something that would be of interest to you please complete the contact form on this website with your name, email address, and telephone number. We will be looking to include you in a general planning and information meeting early in 2017.

In the meantime here are updates happening now and from the last year;

Hess Street School

The threatened closure of this important elementary school in Central cannot be allowed to happen. We have joined with Jamesville Hub and several other organizations to gather a united front and strategy.

Central’s MPP Andrea Horvath sent a strong opinion piece in The Hamilton Spectator for keeping the school open – read it here http://www.thespec.com/opinion-story/7007916-hess-closure-a-symptom-of-failed-liberal-policies/

CNA position is to support that all community schools and in particular Hess Street School are important to the neighbourhood.

CNA to publicize and attend the next public meeting held on January 11th 2017 at Sir John A MacDonald

Don’t Close Hess Street School Facebook page. Also link to the school review timeline.

SPRC through Jamesville Hub will have funds available to provide language translation for parents.

Sir John A MacDonald High School / CasiNO!

The high school looks set to remain open for at least another year maybe longer. We have expressed an interest in the past to Councillor Jason Farr that if closed wishing to see this become a community focused centre.

We also continue to monitor the potential development of the Casino, an issue that never seems to fully go away and have requested Councillor Farr and the local school board trustee to provide updates or any news

The proposed closing of Hess street School has uncovered disturbing document relating to the redevelopment of the Sir John A site to be an entertainment/hospitality complex.

West Harbour Development

Although not located in Central this development will have an impact on us so we encourage anyone interested to get involved in the public meetings and conversations. Hamilton residents have the opportunity to shape the future of the West Harbour community by participating in community engagement events such as:

  • monthly West Harbour Community Conversations
  • Conversation Couch sessions at local events
  • public meetings and presentations

Community engagement opportunities are free to attend and everyone is able to participate.

Full details of upcoming meetings and notes from all past meetings can be found on the city website at https://www.hamilton.ca/city-initiatives/priority-projects/community-engagement-waterfront.

Barton Tiffany

The main focus of West Harbour development has been pier 7/8 and there is little updated news regarding Barton Tiffany. CNA supports the inclusion of family units within these and others types of developments.

Hamilton Urban Core Community Health Centre

The board recently met with a representative requesting our support in having a new building for the Community Health Centre possibly built within our neighbourhood. The group is searching in a number of downtown neighbourhoods for a suitable site.

The work of Hamilton Urban Core Community Health Centre brings great benefits to the community part of their mission and mandate is to serve the community and work towards improving the well-being of the community with regards to all of the social determinants of health.

Plan Local – Ward 2

The PlanLocal Ward 2 Safe Streets Final Report provides details on the entire process, including public engagement, shortlisting, vote results, and other elements. Councillor Jason Farr used this report to inform his final decision on the projects to be completed using the ward’s Area Rating funding.

To download a pdf of the report go here http://planlocal.ca/ward2/wp-content/uploads/2016/09/PlanLocal-Ward-2-2016-Final-Report.pdf

Central has three projects listed. For the full list of projects to be funded under the 2016 PlanLocal Ward 2 Safe Streets campaign, go here http://www.jasonfarr.com/pbw2/planlocal-safe-streets

Non-Plan Local Safe Streets Initiatives

Wider corner poles will be placed on corners of Bay St North with both Shaeffe and Colbourne to slow traffic turning off of Bay.

Speed bumps to be placed on Park St N between Shaeffe and Mulberry, Colbourne east of Bay, two on Hess North and one or two on Murray St.

Bike lane on Bay St from Aberdeen to Waterfront is half complete, 2nd half awaiting municipal/council approval.

At the Central AGM Jason Farr discussed the option of the whole of Central having 40 kmh limits on all non major streets throughout the neighbourhood and this was endorsed by the majority at the meeting.

Recently Cllr. Farr has advised that Park St is slated for conversion to 2 way traffic in Spring 2017.

Jason Farr – Local Councillor

Jason puts out a monthly e-newsletter regarding many news, updates and events throughout Ward 2, to subscribe go here http://www.jasonfarr.com/contact/subcribe

NAS Report Submitted to Council

The Neighbourhood Action Strategy Annual Report was presented to Council on Nov 16th

This is to drum up support from Council for the continued work of the NAS. That includes, neighbourhood planning, small grants, your community developer and funding that the NAS has.

Bayfront Park Beach Survey Results

Over 400 people completed the Bayfront Park beach survey to share their feelings about the beach and to let us know how they would like to use the area in the future. The results of the Bayfront Beach Survey are available here


Over the upcoming months, the project team will continue to research alternatives for improvements at the beach. The results of this survey will be used to help determine the community’s preferred alternative for the future of the beach and build community support for the project. The public will have additional opportunities to review the alternatives and provide feedback in the future.

Pier 7 & 8 Development

Land Solicitation Process Staff Report

The staff report prepared for the November 2 meeting of GIC, titled West Harbour Real Estate Solicitation Process for Pier 8 Lands (PED14002(c)), is now available online. Access the meeting agenda here http://hamilton.siretechnologies.com/sirepub/mtgviewer.aspx?meetid=1032&amp%3Bamp%3Bdoctype=AGENDA

The report included recommendations by staff about how the sale of the Pier 8 lands should be set up to attract high-quality proposals from potential developers. Staff recommend that:

the process involve three steps: Request for Qualifications (RFQ), Request for Proposals (RFP) and Transaction Negotiation;

  • staff be authorized to release a Request for Qualifications (RFQ), retain a Fairness Monitor to oversee the process, and establish an Evaluation Commmittee with the end goal of selecting several developers to comprise a Shortlist;
  • all nine blocks on Pier 8 be offered through one solicitation process rather than be sold block by block;
  • the final details of the process, such as the RFP process and RFP evaluation criteria for judging developer proposals including definitions and respective weightings, be presented to GIC by April 19, 2017;
  • RFP evaluation criteria should include: Environmental Sustainability, Housing Affordability, Design Excellence and Price Discovery; and,
  • the evaluation criteria will ensure a diversity of market rate housing options on Pier 8, that may include a defined target of not less than 5% of affordable home-ownership units.

Hamilton Port Authority

The Hamilton Port Authority is currently undertaking a review and update of its Land Use Plan, the policy document that the Port uses to guide development on Port lands. The project webpage is located at www.hamiltonport.ca/landuseplan and it includes a link to an online survey.

As a member of a local community group, they are very interested in your perspective and feedback as part of this process.

The Central board stressed an interest and request in moving the CN shunting yards at Stuart to the Stelco area.

Ward Boundaries Review

The board agreed to publicize the petition for a ward boundary review. The general issues committee of council deliberated on the two consultant recommendations late last month and decided to give individual councillors until November 30 to suggest “alternative ward boundary model options” to the consultants. The guiding principles for the boundary review were set by city council resolution, and each councillor was also interviewed by the consultants before public consultation began.

This is just the latest in years of delay dating back to 2004. That plus concerns about councillors’ drawing their boundaries to their own benefit have spurred a citizen petition that will force a decision. If council fails to act, the petition will allow an appeal to the Ontario Municipal Board which will decide on the new ward boundaries.

The petition requires hard copy signatures and those signing must be on the voters list and still at the same address as they were at the last municipal election in 2014. Completed copies of the petition can be delivered to Mixed Media (154 James North at Cannon Street).

Condo Developments in Central

Cllr. Farr has been diligent in bringing proposed developments to the attention of Central board and arranging meetings between the board and developers to enable feedback and local input to be given.

The following developments have involved CNA input and plans have been submitted to and/or approved by council;

  • Robbinex – corner of Stuart and MacNab
  • Store Fixtures building – corner King and Caroline
  • Anglican Church – corner of King & Queen
  • Community Living – corner of York and Caroline

Friends of Gore Park

The Board has been approached this week regarding support for the Friends of Gore park initiative to save the buildings on King St East. We are currently reviewing this request.

Your board will endeavor to continue to represent you and keep you informed and updated throughout 2017.

Wishing all neighbours, families, and friends the greetings of the season and safe and happy holidays

Central Neighbourhood Association – December 2016


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PlanLocal Ward 2 – A Message from Jason Farr


Ward 2’s $1 Million Question: You know your streets. How can they be safer?

I hear a lot about the importance of safe streets from the residents of Ward 2. I understand this is an important issue for our community. That’s why this year I am dedicating $1 million to making your streets safer!

For this initiative to be a real success, I need your help.  This is your community and these are your streets; no one knows them better than you.

Introducing PlanLocal Safe Streets!  This process encourages Ward 2 residents to help guide our Ward’s infrastructure spending through citizen supported decision-making. I need you to pinpoint the hot spot locations in your neighbourhood, and to tell me what safe streets solutions could make them safer.

What kind of solutions can you submit?  They should be physical improvements to our streets, sidewalks, and paths.  I’m looking for recommendations for specific locations, like new pedestrian crossings, lighting, speed humps, and enhancements to existing cycling infrastructure.

The PlanLocal Safe Streets process is your opportunity to make direct improvements to the streets you walk every day.  This is your community, so let me know how you think we can make it better!


The PlanLocal Safe Streets process will take place in three phases during the coming months.

IDENTIFY your unsafe street locations and solutions

  • Kick-Off Event April 26, 294 James St. N. Open 7-9:30pm
  • Identify locations and submit your ideas from April 26 to May 16, 2016
  • Online at www.PlanLocal.ca/Ward2/
  • In person (locations to be announced)

VOTE for your top safe street solutions

BUILD safer streets in Ward 2

  • The most popular solutions will be submitted to city staff and added to construction plans for the coming years.

Stay tuned for more details.

I look forward to hearing your ideas and building a safer community together!

Jason Farr

Learn more at www.planlocal.ca/ward2/


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Central Neighbourhood – General Meeting – Monday November 30th

Screen Shot 2015-11-18 at 1.55.53 PM

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James Street GO Station Public Art Project Public Opinion Survey – Deadline October 9th

1 westharbour-header

A jury of volunteer citizens and artists has reviewed 34 artists’ submissions to this competition and has short-listed six. Before they meet to select the winning proposal they want to know your opinion.

Artists were asked to address the following goal and themes in their proposals:

Review the artists’ proposals, identify your preferred proposal and provide comments

Complete the West Harbour (James St. North) GO Station Public Art Project Public Opinion Survey – click on the green link

Goal: Metrolinx envisions the new West Harbour as a model urban station that will be a welcoming gateway to Hamilton; one that successfully integrates with and contributes to surrounding neighbourhoods. The public art piece for the station plaza should be evocative and engage the public imagination, convey a positive message, evoke civic pride, and help animate the plaza.

In keeping with the Metrolinx goal statement, the focus group felt that the work should encourage interaction.

Theme: The work should consider the rich cultural, physical and historical context of the area and address one or more of the following themes:

  • Migration and mobility
  • The cultural diversity of immigration to the city
  • Connections: physical, visual or implied between modes of transportation, communities, landmarks, the past and present etc.
  • The natural and cultural features of the site and its surroundings

Review the proposal booklets, see the maquettes (models) and provide comments in person at the following location:

The Tourism Hamilton Visitors Information Centre
28 James Street North, Hamilton (the Lister Building)
Monday to Friday from 10 am to 4 pm
Saturday & Sunday from 10 am to 3 pm

Please provide your comments on or before October 9, 2015.

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West Harbour Community Conversation Meeting – Thursday September 24th

Screen Shot 2015-09-18 at 9.32.25 AM

If you have a notice board and want to put this poster up you can download the poster  by clicking here – WH-Poster_Detailed3

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You Are Invited – Community Workshop on West Harbour

West Harbour

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Bus Lane – City Council Meeting, Wednesday 21st at 5 pm


City council is set to vote this Wednesday January 21, 2015 at 5pm  meeting, on the bus lane – whether to keep or get rid of it.

There is an organized show of support for the bus lane and public transit, in general.

Full details on Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/events/1564968383750525/

If you can attend:

– wear or bring yellow (e.g. t-shirt, armband, yellow piece of paper, etc.)

– get the word out: invite people to attend the meeting – in person,

via social media, email, whatever!

If you can’t attend the meeting, there are many things you can do to  show support for the bus lane and public transit

– Sign the petition:http://walkablehamilton.org/buslane

– stay in touch! Follow @HamOnt4Transit on Twitter

– get the word out – invite people to support the bus lane and public transit

– Let the mayor and your councillor know you support the bus lane and transit in Hamilton and encourage your family and friends to do the same:
Mayor, Fred Eisenberger, mayor@hamilton.ca, 905-546-4200
1, Aidan Johnson, Aidan.Johnson@hamilton.ca, (905) 546-2416
2, Jason Farr, Jason.Farr@hamilton.ca, (905) 546-2711
3, Matthew Green, Matthew.Green@hamilton.ca, (905) 546-2702
4, Sam Merulla, Sam.Merulla@hamilton.ca, (905) 546-4512
5, Chad Collins, Chad.Collins@hamilton.ca, (905) 546-2716
6, Tom jackson, Tom.Jackson@hamilton.ca, (905) 546-2707
7, Scott Duvall, Scott.Duvall@hamilton.ca, (905) 546-2706
8, Terry Whitehead, Terry.Whitehead@hamilton.ca, (905) 546-2712
9, Doug Conley, Doug.Conley@hamilton.ca, (905) 546-2703
10, Maria Pearson, Maria.Pearson@hamilton.ca, (905) 546-2701
11, Brenda Johnson, Brenda.Johnson@hamilton.ca, (905) 546-4513
12, Lloyd Ferguson, Lloyd.Ferguson@hamilton.ca, (905) 546-2704
13, Arlene VanderBeek, Arlene.VanderBeek@hamilton.ca, (905) 546-2714
14, Robert Pasuta, Robert.Pasuta@hamilton.ca, (905) 546-2705
15, Judi Partridge, Judi.Partridge@hamilton.ca, (905) 546-2713

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