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Affordable Housing & Family Rental Units

In support of the Beasley Neighbourhood’s initiative the Board sent in a letter to the Mayor and Jason Farr.

We are writing on behalf of the Central Neighbourhood Association in support of our friends in the Beasley Neighbourhood Association and their request for the city to conduct a feasibility study to develop a family friendly housing policy for Ward 2 and the City of Hamilton. It is our position that that there is a need to preserve the dynamic neighbourhoods in Ward 2 which include people of all income levels and family sizes. We believe such a housing policy is necessary to ensure that the ongoing development of our neighbourhoods include affordable rental housing for larger family sized units.

This follows the CNA support for the appeal against Greenwins plans with units in Beasley.

Reported in the Spectator today was a compromise was reached – read full article in The Spec by clicking here

This issue will continue to be one we have to watch.

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