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Monthly News Round Up – October 2017


If you have information or events relevant to the Central neighbourhood that you would like to share, please send your request and information to – Thank you.

Neighbourhood Action Strategy (NAS)
The remaining 3 Community Conversations Events locations and times have now been confirmed;

Wednesday, October 18, 6-9PM – St Helens School, 785 Britannia Ave.
Monday, October 23, 6-9PM – Pine Grove Place, 30 Congress Cres.
Saturday, November 11, 10.30 am to 1.30 pm – N2N Centre, 28 Athens St.

To learn more about the event and the requirements for project ideas, please visit their website by clicking here. 

Bay St Bike Lanes
The bike lanes running the length of Bay St are due to be installed on Friday, October 27th

Family Friendly Housing in Ward 2
A letter from the CNA was sent to the Mayor and Councillor Farr in support of the Beasley Neighbourhinitiativeitve as follows;

Central Neighbourhood Association is in support of our friends in the Beasley Neighbourhood Association and their request for the city to conduct a feasibility study to develop a family friendly housing policy for Ward 2 and the City of Hamilton. It is our position that that there is a need to preserve the dynamic neighbourhoods in Ward 2 which include people of all income levels and family sizes. We believe such a housing policy is necessary to ensure that the ongoing development of our neighbourhoods include affordable rental housing for larger family-sized units.

West Harbour Conversation
The next West Harbour Community Conversation will be held on Thursday, October 26 at 7:00 pm at the Evergreen Community Storefront (294 James St N).

The agenda includes an update from Public Works Landscape Architecture staff about the redesign and rebuild of Central Park. 

New Sponsor
We are pleased to welcome The Hamilton Store as a new CNA sponsor. Check out the store at 165 James St. North, visit their website by clicking here and go on over and Like their Facebook page here

New Vision United Church – The Music Hall
The official call to action is kicking off with an open house, live music and a community call to action. Full details on their website – click here

CNA Board & General Meetings

The next Association Board Meeting will be in November.

We are currently in the process of reimagining how CNA will operate have embarked on a process to visit Mission, Vision, Values as well as reviewing our terms of reference, board roles, responsibilities and terms and then looking to establish our goals and priorities going forward. We will be seeking neighbour input during this and will keep you posted.

Central Neighbourhood Association

This months newsletter has been brought to you through the kind sponsorship of The Gallery on the Bay, Publicity Works, Gate of India, The Hamilton Store and PC Unlimited.  Check out their ads on our website

The next artist showing at the Gallery on Bay runs October 20th to November 12th and will be ‘A Sense of Place’ new prints from Robert Creighton. The opening night is on Friday, October 27th, 7-10 pm. Details can be found on the Gallery on the Bay Facebook page or their website 

If you would like to be a sponsor of CNA please click here

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Monthly News Round-Up – June 2017

JUNE 2017 

We do not want to add unnecessarily to your inboxes, but as you know, there is a lot more going on in our neighbourhood and several of you have asked for more regular information and updates outside of our 2-3 meetings a year. This update is intended to do just that. If you have information or events relevant to the Central Nneighbourhood you would like to share, please send your request and information to – Thank you.

ASSOCIATION GENERAL COMMUNITY MEETING – Monday, June 19th 7 pm – The Gallery on Bay
Around 40 neighbours were in attendance.
Minutes from the meeting can be read by clicking here. 




The festival of Maria Del Monte is in its 29th year. This year’s festival is being celebrated the weekend of June 23, 24, and 25. The central location is Our Lady of All Souls and St. Mary’s School parking lots. This is located on the corner of
MacNab and Colbourne Street. This festival has significant history in Hamilton and the first celebration occurred in Hamilton circa 1930’s.More details at their website – please click here

Hess Street School, at the corner of Hess Street North and Cannon Street West. – Gary Yokoyama,The Hamilton Spectator

The trustee’s recommendation was accepted to merge Hess St and Strathcona schools on a new built Community Hub on the site of the Sir John A MacDonald High School.  Ready 2020 or later.
At the CNA Community Meeting Cllr Farr announced that in the meantime Hess Street School will be getting an $85,000 school safety zone initiative.
An Association Board Meeting was held on Sunday June 11th.
Matt Graham is taking a step back after 5 years as Co-Chair. He will remain on the Board and we all thank him for his dedication and continued support.
Tara Scott and Tim Vine have both recently resigned from the Board and the association acknowledges their support and thanks them for their service.
We are currently seeking more board members, please contact us to express your interest.

Wishing you all a safe and happy Canada Day weekend. Look forward to seeing you at one of the wonderful summer events around The Hammer!!

Central Neighbourhood Association

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Bike to Work Day – May 26th



Bike to Work Day is the annual kick-off event for Bike Month and is happening across the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area.

There is a chance to win a Kona Dew commuter bicycle provided by Sweet Pete’s Bike Shop!

You can find out more and sign up HERE

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CNA AGM March 25th 2014

CNA Logo

Central Neighbourhood Association (CNA) Minutes from AGM

Tuesday, March 25, 2014 7:00 – 9:00 PM

Gallery on the Bay 
(corner of Bay & Barton Streets)

Chairpersons Matt Graham and Elizabeth Ward welcomed Central neighbours.
Introductions of Councilor Jason Farr, CNA Board members – Rochelle Martin, Helen Kirkpatrick, and Eileen Shea (regrets), and guest speaker Mike Borelli.
Special Thank-You to the Gallery on the Bay for hosting the meeting.
About 70 persons in attendance.

Matt Graham chaired the meeting and reviewed the agenda:
Report by Councilor Jason Farr
James N GO Terminal & Mobility Hub – Matt Graham
Barton/Tiffany Development – Elizabeth Ward
CasiNO! Report – Rochelle Martin
Community Lands Trust – Mike Borelli
CNA Board for coming year – Matt Graham & Elizabeth Ward

Report by Ward 2 Councilor Jason Farr

Participatory Budgeting
There is $1m available for Ward 2 and will again this year be designated under a Community Budgeting process. He introduced Natalie and Karen, the new facilitators. Everyone invited to the Launch: April 3, 7-10pm City Hall Council Chambers, 71 Main St. W

Downtown casino
Clear where the city stands with decision – preference for casino to stay in Flambourough.

Property at s/w corner of Stuart & MacNab (Marie & Doug Robbins)
Robbins considering investment in medium density building.
Want to attach to James St. Mobility Hub.

Cannon St. Bike Lanes
To be implemented soon. There has been broad community consultation. Buffers will be unique to Hamilton.

Thunder Alley
Bowling alley coming to basement of Hamilton City Centre (45,000 sq. feet.)

Hamilton Mosque
Moving to the Old BARN site (Hess, Napier and York). To include school, recreation, mixed use (in time). Will be a great community friend.

Hamilton Farmers Market
Work is going on to support and enhance the market. Now have 1 hour validated parking; new signage, public ART coming. Open area Market to the Street will have live music.

Central Park
Has been assessed with MOE involvement, to be safe to play, participate in evenings, walk dog, etc. Question raised about some trees and Councilor Farr will have them trimmed.

Parking Lot – at Park & Cannon will have a considerable greenery buffer.

All Souls Church applied for one-day street closure for a church festival in June – MacNab N. between Colbourne & Barton will be closed.

New regional (large) Portuguese Festival in North End at McCauley St. this summer.

Construction at Barton & Strachan related to the GO Station.

James N GO Terminal & Mobility Hub – Report by Matt Graham

This links to 3 neighbourhoods – Central, Beasley and NorthEnd Neighbourhoods
Stakeholder group established for focus groups, at which each neighbourhood is represented

Concerns and discussions:
What we currently like and dislike about the study area;
What benefits can new development bring;
Maximum and minimum heights of buildings with coming intensification and increased density;

Key takeaways:
How to improve our streets, pedestrians, bikes, buses, complete streets?
Strengthen streets through public art, pedestrian plaza/square
Development should respect and enhance the history and character of the area
Kiss & Ride at Stuart St
Plan for service
All day is long term goal
2015 for special event service, ready for PanAm games
Completion of station and plaza by 2016/2017

Barton/Tiffany Urban Design Study – Report by Elizabeth Ward

An urban design study is currently underway for the Barton –Tiffany area of the Central Neighbourhood.

The Setting Sail Secondary Plan calls for mandatory public consultation around the development of this area. The first public meeting took place Dec 4th 2013. Since then there have been 2 focus group meetings whose members consist of staff from the city’s Planning and Economic Development Department, members of the public, neighbourhood associations, architects and representatives from the Reality Association.

The various areas of discussion have included location of buildings and building heights. Means of transportation both within and through the area were also discussed, including roads, transit, bike lanes, sidewalks and trails. Ideas about Central Park which has been included in the Barton – Tiffany area were also explored.

Members of the Central, Strathcona and North End Neighbourhood Associations then met independently and identified our own concerns such as preservation of heritage buildings, adaptive reuse of existing buildings e.g. 125 Barton St West (currently used by the city to store playground equipment). We also expressed concern about the dumping of waste and landfill on vacant lots like the former Rheem plant site. We wondered about the need for environmental site assessments where applicable. Most importantly we want to ensure that the process of community input is meaningful and that the resulting plan will be carried through without major changes.

The next public meeting is tentatively scheduled for April 28th 2014. We encourage all Central residents to attend and lend their voices to this important discussion.

CasiNO! Update – Report by Rochelle Martin

CNA and No Downtown CasiNO! activists continue to monitor possibility of a casino “slipping into” downtown via. back-door routes, since city council has decided unanimously to support Flamborough Downs as their preferred casino location.

Current concerns include:
Possibility that Flamborough Downs contract signed by Great Canadian Gaming with OLG might allow GCG to relocate casino downtown, if GCG/OLG decide Flamborough location is not lucrative enough. Initial Freedom of Information request, to view terms of this contract, was denied (OLG objected to release). An appeal is currently in progress.

Concern that new bowling alley might be “Trojan horse” to bring in 24hr. zoning that would permit a downtown casino.

While Delta Bingo’s closure, due in part to city not permitting electronic gambling at their site, is generally considered a positive for downtown, there was concern that the city may have objected to Delta Bingo’s move to electronic-type gambling in order to preserve the downtown gambling market for a potential big casino operator.

Councillor Jason Farr responded:
He was concerned that the OLG had objected to FOI request re. contract with GCG. He expressed hope in Premiere Wynne’s review of the OLG’s aggressive modernization plan.

There were no zoning changes involved in the City Centre bowling alley contract. That downtown area is already zoned for 24hr. entertainment (e.g.. a casino, if that were the case – no zoning Trojan Horse required).

There were no ulterior motives in the city’s objection to electronic gambling at Delta Bingo. Councillor Farr reiterated that city council voted unanimously to keep casino in Flamborough as their preferred site. Furthermore, he believes those previously interested in operating a downtown casino “got the message loud and clear – that there is no appetite for a casino downtown.”

Rochelle expressed concern to Councillor Farr that, even if council, city staff, and potential casino operators “got the message,” the OLG can and may still push for a most lucrative (downtown) market. This is why continued vigilance, and specifically, attention to terms of the new GCG/OLG Flamborough contract, is imperative.
She also expressed appreciation for Councillor Farr’s efforts to keep our downtown healthy, thriving, and casino-free.

Community Lands Trust – Report by Mike Borelli
Mike Borrelli, treasurer of the Beasley Neighbourhood Association (BNA) attended to speak about a new pilot project to start a Community Land Trust in downtown Hamilton. A CLT is a non-profit that owns, stewards and leases land to the community for land-uses like community gardens, greenspace, community space, and affordable housing. The Hamilton CLT launch event is on April 2nd but attendance is maxed out due to interest. Joey Coleman will be livestreaming it at, but those interested in learning more about the project should visit the new webpage when it is launch next week or email Mike also sought the buy-in of the CNA as a community group that supports the concept of a CLT and believes we should pilot one here.
Mike also broached the topic of a joint CNA, BNA and North End Neighbours meeting to be held sometime in May or June. He will work with CNA executive to plan this if there is a desire among residents.

CNA Board for coming year

All residents in Central Neighbourhood encouraged to become members of the new Board. Several people volunteered in the discussions following.


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Meeting adjourned at 8:45pm. Refreshments served.

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