Call for Artists Submissions


The Workers Arts & Heritage Centre in the Central Neighbourhood is seeking submissions for future art gallery displays. 

CLICK HERE for all the details

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Bus Lane – City Council Meeting, Wednesday 21st at 5 pm


City council is set to vote this Wednesday January 21, 2015 at 5pm  meeting, on the bus lane – whether to keep or get rid of it.

There is an organized show of support for the bus lane and public transit, in general.

Full details on Facebook –

If you can attend:

– wear or bring yellow (e.g. t-shirt, armband, yellow piece of paper, etc.)

– get the word out: invite people to attend the meeting – in person,

via social media, email, whatever!

If you can’t attend the meeting, there are many things you can do to  show support for the bus lane and public transit

– Sign the petition:

– stay in touch! Follow @HamOnt4Transit on Twitter

– get the word out – invite people to support the bus lane and public transit

– Let the mayor and your councillor know you support the bus lane and transit in Hamilton and encourage your family and friends to do the same:
Mayor, Fred Eisenberger,, 905-546-4200
1, Aidan Johnson,, (905) 546-2416
2, Jason Farr,, (905) 546-2711
3, Matthew Green,, (905) 546-2702
4, Sam Merulla,, (905) 546-4512
5, Chad Collins,, (905) 546-2716
6, Tom jackson,, (905) 546-2707
7, Scott Duvall,, (905) 546-2706
8, Terry Whitehead,, (905) 546-2712
9, Doug Conley,, (905) 546-2703
10, Maria Pearson,, (905) 546-2701
11, Brenda Johnson,, (905) 546-4513
12, Lloyd Ferguson,, (905) 546-2704
13, Arlene VanderBeek,, (905) 546-2714
14, Robert Pasuta,, (905) 546-2705
15, Judi Partridge,, (905) 546-2713

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Please Consider signing The Bus Lane Petition


There has been a lot of discussion regarding the councils debate over the bus lane on King Street.

Walkable Hamilton has an online petition for signing if this is something you feel needs to be maintained.


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Ward 2 Participatory Budgeting Meeting

On January 20th at 7pm, the PB Team will be making a brief presentation about PBW2 at a Town Hall meeting at City Hall in the Council Chambers.

This is part of a larger meeting regarding the initiatives from Peoples Platform during last years elections.

Facebook details are here

I’m sure many of you who aren’t already attending are either already committed elsewhere, or else are receiving this a bit late to be changing plans to attend. However, you are nevertheless welcome to join us, and we hope you will all be able to do so. We will be making our brief presentation near the beginning of the evening, so if you are absolutely pressed for time, you can come for the start and leave early; however, I encourage you all to stay with us and enjoy the rest of the event, as Norman has promised us an entertaining and informative evening.

If you can think of anyone else whom you feel should know about this important event, please forward this email to them with my thanks.

Thank you all, and I hope to see all or as many of you there as possible.

Lee Edward McIlmoyle, Stinson PB Representative,

Participatory Budgeting – Hamilton, Ontario (PBHamOnt)

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