Joint Neighbourhood Meeting – June 9th






Come meet fellow downtown Hamilton residents for this joint neighbourhood association event!


Hosted by Central, Beasley & North End Neighbours’ Association, each group has selected an important neighbourhood issue and invited a local elected leader or candidate for office to speak and respond to questions.

BRIAN McHATTIE – City Councillor (Ward 1) & Mayoral candidate JASON FARR – City Councillor (Ward 2)
CHRIS ERL – Candidate for public school board (HWDSB) Trustee (Wards 1 & 2)


or contact your local neighbourhood association

Can’t make it? Join us at for livestream video coverage!

Donations accepted at the door, to cover costs. Thank you!

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Bike to Work Day – May 26th



Bike to Work Day is the annual kick-off event for Bike Month and is happening across the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area.

There is a chance to win a Kona Dew commuter bicycle provided by Sweet Pete’s Bike Shop!

You can find out more and sign up HERE

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Farmers Market Governance – Public Meetings

Farmers Market

The City of Hamilton are holding two public meetings regarding the governance of the Farmers Market, which falls into Central Neighbourhood.

Meeting dates are;

Saturday May 24th – 10.30 am to 12 noon

Tuesday May 27th – 6.30 pm to 8.00pm.

Both meetings will be held at the Farmers Market.

For more information contact Hamilton City – Mike Kirkopoulos –

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Central Neighbourhood Celebration

 Saturday May 31st – 1pm to 4 pm

Central Park, Bay Street North – between Cannon & Barton


Join us to celebrate;

  • The Park
  • The Neighbourhood
  • The Association

DISCUSS important local issues and look at displays

Chat with Councillor Jason Farr James N Go Terminal & Mobility Hub
Barton-Tiffany Urban Design Study Workers Art & Heritage Centre OWAHC
Participatory Budgeting Jamesville Community Hub

Hamilton Bike Share – SoBi Hamilton


Dance to music of Turkey Rhubarb Face Painting
Graphic Artist Y on Wheels


Y on Wheels

SHARE – beautify our neighbourhood – PLANT EXCHANGE

Exp Vibrancy

Extra plants? bring them to share Extra space – take plants home


We look forward to welcoming you!


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Ontario Liberals Confirm 100 Percent Capital Funding for ‘Rapid Transit

LRT Hamilton

The discussions around LRT promise to be front and centre not just in the local election but also now with the provincial election being called.

Here is a detailed update and thoughts from Ryan McCreal over at Raise The Hammer – Ontario Liberals Confirm 100 Percent Capital Funding for ‘Rapid Transit’, Whatever That Means

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Neighbourhood Vibrancy Study – Participants for Live Lab at McMaster Needed

As part of the Expressing Vibrancy Neighbourhood study there will be a number of LiveLab sessions running at McMaster next week.

This opportunity requires a one-time commitment of about 2.5 hours. High school students participating in a session may count two hours towards their required volunteer hours. Participants must be over the age of 13 and residents of Hamilton. The cost of on-campus parking for participants travelling by car or bus fare will be provided.

Be part of this unique look into Hamilton’s neighbourhoods by volunteering for one of the audience sessions:

  • Tuesday, May 20th – 10am
  • Wednesday, May 21st  – 7pm
  • Thursday, May 22nd – 1pm
  • Thursday, May 22nd – 7pm
  • Friday, May 23rd – 11am
  • Saturday, May 24th – 11am

For more information and to sign up to a shift, please contact :

905 777 0787 or

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Art Crawl – Friday 11th May


Art Crawl

This Friday sees the monthly James St. North Art Crawl which happens every second Friday of the month.

More details can be found here James St North Website

Here is a little about it;

James St North is located in the heart of downtown Hamilton, comprised of the Italian, Portuguese and Vietnamese communities. And most recently a burgeoning arts community! Every Second Friday of the month there is a ArtCrawl, all the galleries of the area have their new art openings on the same night.

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Bike Share Comes to Hamilton


The company, SoBi, has officially launched the bike share program in Hamilton and plans to be up and running by the summer.

This offers a fantastic opportunity for all of us in the neighbourhood to enjoy accessing Hamilton in a healthy way.

Founding memberships are now available on their web site and this is a little more about what they have to say about the service.

Hamilton Bike Share system rolling smoothly. We’ll maintain the fleet of bicycles from our headquarters on the lower level of the Seedworks building on Catharine Street in the heart Hamilton. We’ll monitor the system 24 hours a day to ensure you’ll have a bike available at your source hub, as well as parking available at your destination hub. We’ll use fourth generation “smart bike” technology provided by New York based Social Bicycles throughout our system of 750 bicycles and 105 stations.

Operational funding will not be provided through municipal taxes. Costs will be recouped through membership fees, sponsorship funding, and in-kind services provided by our community partners. Surplus revenue will be fed directly back into the system to provide additional bikes, hubs and service enhancements. SoBi Hamilton represents a remarkable co-operation between the province and the city, plus its citizens, local professionals, non-profits, and businesses both small and large. Please contact us if you are interested in supporting your community bike share system.


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Participants Needed for Neighbourhood Study

Exp Vibrancy

Volunteers are needed to help determine what makes a neighbourhood “vibrant” as part of the Expressing Vibrancy Project, lead by Hamilton non-profit organization CoBALT Connects.

Volunteers will participate in an audience session at McMaster’s LIVE Lab, where they will view images and videos of neighbourhoods, and provide responses to that footage on distributed tablets. A portion of participants who take part will have their brain waves, heart rate and breathing rate measured. This opportunity requires a commitment of approximately 2.5 hours, and compensation for on-campus parking or HSR travel to and from campus can be provided.

Be part of this unique experience by volunteering for one of the scheduled audience sessions:

Tuesday, May 20th – 10am
Wednesday, May 21st  – 7pm
Thursday, May 22nd – 1pm
Thursday, May 22nd – 7pm
Friday, May 23rd – 11am
Saturday, May 24th – 11am

Participants would be required to commit to one of the above sessions; they must be residents of Hamilton (any ward), and at least 13 years of age. For more information, or to ask us a question, get in touch any time. | 905-777-0787

More information at their website HERE

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