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We hope that you come back often, to keep up to date on our Central Neighbourhood’s issues and events, as well as larger city happenings that effect our neighbourhood.

We update our Twitter stream and Facebook page on a regular basis with the latest news and updates.  Connect with us there, as well!

The Central Neighbourhood is bounded by Main, James, Queen and Stuart streets:
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We are:
– The AGH
– Farmers Market
– Sir John A MacDonald HS
– West Harbour
– James St North
– Hess Village

AND we are one of the most densely populated neighbourhoods in Hamilton!  Central Neighbourhood is home to many!

Note that this website has a number of main subject tabs at the top of the page.  Latest information and updates are usually posted as separate pages under the Blog tab.  Or, you can click on the Categories tab on the side bar to the left, and various “hot topics” will appear – you can select one of interest.

The CNA gives residents a way to share ideas and concerns, organize community-building activities and inform our elected representatives about important issues.

Please help us to make our neighbourhood an even better place to live work and play!

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